Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Oh wow.
Hey look.
The beach weather is here.
Isn't that great?
About the beach weather?
It is. I mean, I love swimming. I love the picnic. The Pringles that are a part of our beach days. I love the warmth and my kids' golding hair. Watching them swim and play and enjoy.

But I wonder.
I ask you.
What happened to this?

To this bathing suit?
Where did it go?
I am not sure it should have gone away.
Not in June.
Not in June with Irish skin and aging elasticity.
I think it would work well in June.
I get not wearing it all Summer.

Like for July, maybe:

My friends and I could add this number to our beach rotation. 
That is OK with me. 
And we could take this fun picture all together? 
Who wants to? 
Want to get some of these bathing suits and take a fun picture? 
AND save our skin the WHOLE time? 
Yes, me too.

Look at August! 
We are sharing a little more thigh. 
Look! A little more chest. 
That makes sense. 
Gather the last bits of vitamin D on the double Ds. 
(Or A minuses. Whatever.) 
We can end the summer in these outfits and have a real fun photo again. 
We can share it on Facebook with tags and location. 
It can read JCC! or Wingersheake shake shook whatever beach. 
And we could write it wrong like that! 
How funny to write it wrong while covering our thighs with these suits?!?! 
Let's do that.

I can't do it alone, guys. I can't old timey swimsuit alone. I will go too far. I'll be all 1850s and shizzle. With pantaloons. (Yes. Pantaloons.)

Beach weather. Awesome.


  1. Bah hah ha ha, I will join you Kate :-) I will wear those suits. Let's do it.

  2. Love it. I'm RIGHT there with you as well.

  3. I would do it, too! It would be fun and silly. It would be better for my Irish/English skin than todays bathing suits, for sure.