Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: The In-Betweener

 Confessions of an In-betweener

What happens when your rectangular shaped body tries to become plus size after children, you become an in-betweener!

If I had a waist, maybe I could call myself full sized or curvy.
If I lost some weight, maybe I could go back to being rectangular bordering the wedge shape.
My weight isn’t evenly distributed, I’m top heavy, even more challenging.

Buying clothes is horrendous. 
In order to get the pants to fit in the waist, the thighs and butt end up being too baggy.
In order to get the pants to fit in the legs, I end up with muffin top.
I can forget most tight fitting shirts, the closet full that used to suit the rectangular shape.
Buying empire cut shirts makes me appear pregnant.
Buying baggy tops makes me look twice my size because of the broad shoulders.
And I can forget layering.

If I were curvy I could embrace it, flaunt it.
If I were rectangular, I could call myself athletic.
But instead, I’m stuck in between. 

Lose five pounds here, gain five pounds there. 
Being healthy and fit is a life decision, some say. 
I call it a money decision, if I don’t get the post-pregnancy weight off I’ll just keep buying more (larger) clothes.
(I’m kidding myself it’s so post pregnancy it’s just fat now.)

I’m tired of thinking about what I eat.
Or if I miss a week of exercise I gain back all the weight it took me a month to lose.
I’m tired of looking at cake, and gaining weight (so it seems).

As of now I’ve only had one child, what happens after the second one, I’m a little afraid.

Thanks for your contribution, Danica!


  1. Thanks for letting me complain, it's something I'm quite good at according to my husband, ha-ha! :) Danica Martin

  2. Nice article! Glad I found this site! Keep the articles coming!