Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cooler Safety

Ahhhhh, Summer vacation. It is true I will be surrounded by 3 children non stop, but with a pond to plop ourselves at, well placed road trips, reading and school work incentives, and this whole moving to a new house, we shall be fine. I think the big issue will be our safety....

Yes, Summer safety. We know to watch our children while they swim. We know to sunscreen, wear hats, use bug spray. We have learned to check for ticks when we come in at the end of our day- there are posters about that in our schools! But will no one teach us how to leave the cooler away from our sides? Will no one take the moment to say:

"HEY! Sorry! Didn't mean to yell....um, but that cooler is reeeaaallly kind of close to you right now. You may want to move it to the picnic benches. Or you could ummm.....place it behind you and out of reach! Out of sight is out of mind. And if you keep thinking about it, it will be too out of reach to get at. Then if you obsess about it you will have to try and get up from that little beach chair. THAT will be awkward. And you will have those angry red chair marks on the back of your thighs. You don't want to go sharing those, right? Sooooo....just scooch that cooler a ways behind you and grab your water and enjoy the kids frolicking in the water."

Of course, I always have dry goods next to me in my beach bag. I am going for almonds. I am. But I can't help it if I reach in for the nuts and come out with Fiddle Faddle.

So, maybe next time, we need to discuss Grocery Shopping Safety.

See you at the beach.

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