Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everything Will Be Alright

Everything Will Be Alright

It’s true.  It really is true. 

Dreaming of being a princess and owning a unicorn in a world filled with rainbows may simply seem a distant childhood memory.  Savoring the long and sultry days of summer; days that never seemed to end during the freedom of youth, and carefree adventures while making memories.  Spending generous allowances on vast amounts of true penny candy; savoring the sticky, the sweet, the pick the goo out of your teeth.

Somehow, many of us are thrust into that thing called adulthood at some point or another; after all, it’s inevitable.  For some, the premature act of growing up prances upon us in our twenties; for many of us we find the weighted burden in our thirties; and for a lucky few, the shackles of aging responsibility await until that ripe decade of our forties.

The days of singing, jump-rope and hopscotch have escaped us and we have catapulted into new days; days of structure, monotonous routine and constant time monitoring.  Calls have come in announcing drastic health turns of beloved parents.  Cars have died mid-commute.  Children have fallen and required that umpteenth broken bone ER trip.  Lumps have turned into that worst nightmare diagnosis.

Most women deal with an abundance of “drama” each and every day.  More fascinating is the varying degrees in which drama may be handled by different women.  You see, sometimes, for some women, a bad hair day is enough to ricochet negative emotions throughout their day.  For other women, only that call, the one message with the death of a family member is enough to bring them to their knees.

There are gals who have to drive themselves through hardship, maybe only a handful of times throughout their entire lives.  Yet, there are other gals who face adversity and struggle on a daily basis, year after year after year.

Despite the obstacles, we cannot change many of the circumstances that happen in our lives.  We can only control how we cope and most importantly, how we react to the challenges, the trials, and the tribulations of adult life.

Personally, in a desire to learn to cope – I have returned to days of silliness.  I sing loudly (and quite badly).  I jump rope (and quite well).  I dream of owning a unicorn.  I envision sliding down those rainbows (perched above cotton candy clouds nonetheless).  I laugh heartily (the kind where snot flies).


There will be milestones.  There will be heartbreak.  There will be adventures.  There will be death. 

But, in the end, I know......everything will be alright.

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  1. We only have one life, we should enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks for your post! :) Danica Martin