Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Magic in Music - Another Trip Down Memory Lane

A few weeks ago, I took you for a trip down memory.  This trip back in time triggered a few music memory favorites.  I have been going on to play various “silly” and “fun” songs for my youngest.  Come on, admit there’s nothing quite like “Safety Dance” to get anyone moving around.  As I reflected further into my music library, I realized that music is an emotional place…and some tunes are definitely a safe place for me (or a happy place, a manic place.....  )

Certain songs bring me right back to THAT moment:

….my first serious boyfriend and our phone fight whilst  Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart” bellowed in the background.

….my traveling (and moving) across country with my parents as “Convoy” and C.W. McCall propelled us down the highway.

….my first tween giggles to sexual innuendo as Elton John belted out,  “rolling like thunder, under the covers” in his “Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” ballad.

…my many memories with my bff to the various Grateful Dead tunes; but especially to “Alabama Getaway” as we drove around in her Plymouth Duster.

With that, I decided to have a fun Thursday Top Ten……I am going to open up my own personal Pandora’s box and share with you my all-time Top Ten favorite songs (oh boy, this is going to be tough)!

10.  “Annie’s Song” - John Denver.  Makes me think of my dad.  It also contains all my favorite things (ocean, forest…. You fill up my senses…..)

9.  “Beautiful Day” - U2.  Seriously, every day is a beautiful day – regardless of how “bad” it may seem; we are alive.  That’s beautiful.  How can you not scream along to “It’s a beautiful day!”

8.  “A New Day Has Come” - Celine Dion – this song got me through my darkest cancer days and helped me anticipate the New Day after with my newborn, Reece.  “Let the rain come down and wash away my tears……touched by an angel in the sky……”

7.  “Sunday Morning” -  Maroon 5.   Adam Levine is singing this to me.  Yes, I have a girlie school girl crush on him.  So what?  I can canoodle with him in my dreams.  (Yes, Doug approves.  Or maybe that’s in my dreams, too?).

6.  “In My Life” – Beatles.  This one is my grammy.  It’s a long story, but when I visited her grave in Akron, Ohio (I was not allowed at her funeral), it was a snowstorm and I could not find her grave.  Finally, amidst a break in the storm, some rays of sunshine, I found my grammy – and said my peace.  I entered my car to leave and this came on. 

5. “One” – U2.  One love.  One blood.  One life.  Sisters.  Brothers.  ‘Nuf said.

4.  “Hole-Hearted” – Extreme.  True love.  What can I say?  Doug used to serenade me with this song as we were dating.  How could I not melt to his off-key, “There’s a hole in my heart that can only be filled by youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

3.  “He Lives In You” – Lebo M (from the “Lion King”).  If you have never heard this, you really should:  Again, for me, it references family members long departed but still within my heart.  I used to dance Riley to sleep with this song as an infant.  I do believe I have someone that lives within me and someone who watches over me. 

2.  “Let It Be” – Beatles.  I used to just like this song a lot.  Now it’s very relevant with each year of maturity and with each passing adventure in my life.  No drama, just “Let It Be”.

1. Every terrible 80s music song that makes me want to dance…….I could do another entire blog on these songs alone – any by Culture Club (please don’t groan), any by Michael Jackson (has he really been gone 3 years?), any by Rick Astley (I asked nicely – please don’t groan), Duran Duran (you know you’ve been hungry like the wolf), any by Whitney Houston (Oh, yes, I wanna dance with somebody)……

Music is deeply tied to our emotions, as evidenced from my very short list above.  My tastes are so eclectic, ranging from Phantom of the Opera, to Skid Row, to Debbie Gibson (there’s that groan again), to Bob Dylan, to Frank Sinatra, to Nirvana……and it's all very depending upon my mood.  What songs take you back?  What songs bring out your emotions?

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