Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Words- in Haiku

We are linking with Momalom blog and letting our creative juices flow via someone else choosing our topics for the week. Feel free to click on the link to discover some great writes/bloggers.

We Curvies have decided to write about today's topic, Words, in Haiku form because WHY THE HECK NOT!? We are all artsy and whatnot.
Hey, who wrote which? Comment below with your guesses... Kate, Rebecca, or Mandy? (Because it is fun, that's why.)


Learning to be nice 

No self-deprecating words

Love thyself for health


Sometimes losing weight

is simply dropping baggage

of words said harshly

No more step classes

For this classy Stepford Wife

Eating vegan, yo


  1. I wish I knew you girls so I could guess who was who. I also wish that all the words I spoke to myself were as positively positive as this, yo!

    Love it all!