Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to deal with leftover easter candy...

Take it on walks with you- work it off while eating.

Eat all the dark chocolate first as that has scientific studies linked to it which makes it very close to 4 out of 5 doctors agreeing that the scientific studies prove that maybe some dark chocolate is actually a wise choice and look at you being proactive about your health!  (written after eating all the dark chocolate first)

Eat it first thing in the morning- you will have all day to burn it off.

Eat as much as you want and then drink lots of water to counterbalance it and to begin the flushing out process.

Freeze it, preferably in a basement freezer if you have one. Then you will burn calories walking up and down the steps to get it as well as by chewing hard frozen candy.

Hide it between 2 peeps. Then hide that peep sammich in your mouth. 

Pretend you didn't eat it. Deny, deny, deny. (wash mouth area first to erase signs of any chocolate)

Dip the chocolate in peanut butter to ensure you are getting enough protein.

Slip it into your kale smoothie! (while slipping the kale out of the smoothie and adding chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup instead)

Eat it. Know you are eating it. Know that you will keep eating it until it is gone. Then move on and get back in line.

BUT!!!! Get back in line for realsies.

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