Thursday, April 5, 2012

How You Roll

 This statement made me laugh and then the words made me reflect for a few minutes. 
“The friends you roll with…….”
Friendship is an interesting dynamic.  Won't you agree?  You see, I am a fortunate soul to have many friends.  I have an outgoing personality and I love to hear people share their stories and adventures with me.  I count my blessings at the number of friends I have made in my thirty-eight years.
A large number of friends can be “classified” (for lack of a better word) into categories – namely, best friends, close friends, family friends, good friends, acquaintances, and those that are merely in existence because of that six degrees of separation from one of the preceding labels.  Why labels you ask?  An example, a best friend or a close/family friend is certainly someone who I deem worthy enough of knowing about the Incredible Hulk that you birthed into the toilet yesterday, or that friend you cry your eyes out until they are bloodshot over the hurtful, unfair and intimate details of life.  Acquaintances are the ones you see pretty regularly and you share the cordial updates since the last time you met.  Don't you have friends you hang out with with your family?  And friends that you prefer time alone with?
In any event, what I have come to learn over the past four years especially, is that friendships change.  Certain life events cause friendships to morph in time.  Maybe it’s single friends getting married, or married friends having children, perhaps it’s new friendships forged from your children’s activities or your spouse’s new job…….and maybe, it’s as new lifestyles are embraced – some friends come along for the ride and others stumble about as they try to find their place, whether it is in own world or alongside you in your "new" world.


These days, I find myself choosing more wisely in the time I spend with friends.  Instead of feeling frustrated with those who tried to bring me down or are simply unhappy in their lives; I delegate my time to those who bring me up.  I am blessed to have friends who share my glory in a simple hike, or exercising like a fiend.  I am honored to have friends who refrain from judgment and simply applaud my efforts, regardless of how silly those efforts or endeavors may be.  I am thankful for friends who inspire me to be a bigger and better person, always. 
I am happy to have friends who I can simply be me…in all of my Rebecca-ness-Me.


  1. Gah. I am an asshole because I can't get past the grammatical problem of "Your".I want to enjoy this post. That's how I roll.

  2. Yes! I noticed that, too! However, part of my "new" me is letting go.....even of grammatical errors by others. Even if it means my OCD is twitching, twitching, twitching.....