Friday, April 20, 2012

Jar Full O'Life

Look at it.  No, I mean look at it again!  Isn't it absolutely beautiful?  Believe it or not, this splendid shade of green has changed my life!  Seriously, I know I may sound like a complete corny dork.....and I am starting to sound my <ack> age (is this a sign of middle life?).....but look how simply and completely alive that jar of juice appears.

I cannot help it.  I cannot stop talking about how wonderful these green smoothies are.  I am surprised at the amount of people who already consume these green lantern wonders - both young and old.  I am flattered by the number of folks who are ready to experiment, to be brave and start adding life to their daily repetoire!

There are some rules to the green game.........for example, you cannot try just one!  Everyone is different.  Our taste buds are like our fingerprints, there are no two alike!  Keep experimenting day after day and decide what ingredient works for you (mmmmm, coconut milk) and what ingredient definitely deserves to stay elsewhere (hmmm, I'll keep that fresh mint for my mojito and not in my morning smoothie)!

Start your body off with a full glass of life, here's how:

1 c unsweetened coconut milk (try water, try almond milk, try whatever floats your boat)
2 c baby spinach
1 c chopped kale
1 banana
3-4 strawberries (or blueberries, or raspberries or any berry or kiwi, they are all so GOOD for you)
1 tbs ground flax
handful of ice

Blender it all up!  Don't overblender or you will lose some of the nutrients via the heat produced from your machine.  If your tummy may be sensitive.....lay off the kale, add another fruit for now.  The goal is a much higher ratio of greens to fruit.  If it's not sweet enough to start, try adding a little bit of honey (NO SUGAR).  Carrots are a fantastic way to sweeten up your smoothie, but I recommend a dark glass as the smoothie is not a wonderful shade of green.  Throw in a whole (peeled) orange!

I have yet to find a "savory" smoothie that I love......for now, I'll leave out the parsley, cucumber, tomato...but I promise you I will come back and give it another whirl soon.  There has to be a "salad" smoothie that I enjoy, right? 

The options are limitless!  Find your special recipe - don't forget the love for mango, or pineapple - add a little fresh coconut.  Try some of the other greens......collards, watercress, wheatgrass.....your body will be super excited.  A few of my friends actually get an energizing rush within an hour after consuming this jar full o'life.  Let me know if you do!


  1. wanting to wade into the smoothie world for a while. I see many "special" blenders are recommended all high $$$. Are you using any blender inparticular?

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