Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday GIVEAWAY!!!!

Welcome to our very first

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Once upon a time, I promised a post about my gluten-free
life. So okay. Wanna see a picture of some of my favorite gluten-free foods? Top
foods. Here we go.

I am being a little bit tongue-in-cheek here, because sometimes I think people are missing the point when they substitute all their favorite cookies and snacks with the gluten-free counterparts. And as I embarked, one week ago, on a 21-day Challenge to eat completely vegan, I chose not
to go out and buy vegan junk food – instead focusing on eating a 100% plant-based diet. Buying knock-off crackers and sweets and such…well, it kind of defeats the purpose, in my (never-to-be-humble) opinion, of changing one’s diet.

The fact is that I don’t have gluten intolerance, per se. I don’t get sick like people with celiac. However, when I eat gluten, I burp constantly and when I don’t eat gluten, I don’t. I also find that when I eat gluten, my wedding ring immediately becomes like a rubber band around my
sausage finger, and when I don’t eat gluten, it slides freely along my finger, which is noticeably less sausage-like. So there’s an inflammation issue here, clearly, and it’s one that I happen to choose to treat by staying away from the types of foods that contain gluten rather than just trying to replace them gluten-free breads and treats, which by the way I should mention, tend not to be that good.

With one exception. I am human, after all, and humans need an occasional indulgence.
I do have one gluten-free item I can’t live without – Pamela’s baking mix.

With it, I can make delicious and delicate little pancakes and guess what – so can you! And I am pleased to announce that we have received a couple of products from the fine folks at Pamela’s to offer our readers!

Pamela’s Baking Mix is the one thing in my cabinets that I honestly truly treasure. I don’t often indulge in such decadence, but on a Sunday morning when my husband and kids are craving a stack of pancakes with bacon, this product lets me pretend to be normal. And the unexpected side effect is that my kids actually prefer the Pamela’s pancakes to traditional ones, even homemade pancakes. Miraculous.

You can also make scones, muffins, whatever – but I prefer to save it for our Sunday morning pancake-fest, with real Vermont maple syrup on the side.

So tune into Curvy Girl on Wednesday to see which lucky commenter will have two of my favorite Pamela’s products shipped right to their door! See you back here for some GF

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