Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Middle School

Middle School. These were not the best years of my life. I hated middle school and high school so much I have run quite far away from it all and would never dream of attending a reunion or friending high school people on facebook or even driving by. When my husband and I were in a position to move back to my home state, I made sure we bought as house as far as possible away from my hometown within a reasonable commute. I still work there.

As my nearly 11 year old daughter prepapres to enter this realm, I find myself emotional and raw, as though it were me.

And I hope I have taught her and prepapred her, though I think I will have to accept my powerlessness.


  1. If only Kathie Lee had told me that god loves me, I would have never considered plastic surgery! Great piece. Is it OK that I hyperventilate for Ruby, too?

  2. Mandy, I couldn't view the video (the link is no longer available), but I can relate to your sentiments, as I was in your shoes 2 years ago when my older daughter was preparing to go to middle school. I HATED middle school myself, and assumed that it was universally miserable. Well, I am happy to report that my now 7th grader is mostly happy (as happy as a mood-swingy teenager can be!) and enjoying her middle school experience. Based on some girlfriend drama/trauma in elementary school, she learned not to be manipulated by the mean girls, and I know this has made her more selective about who she befriends (or avoids!) Though some things will be out of your control, you are not powerless -- as she makes this transition towards greater independence, she'll need your love, support and positive energy (and lunch money, lots of lunch money!) :)