Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the winner is....

Congrats, Mo -- and yay for me since I know where you live and don't have to pay shipping. I am a cheap bitch and so you winning makes me doubly happy.

For anyone wondering about my method, here it is: I wrote down names of commenters on my handy dandy yellow legal pad. For those of you that shared our post on your Facebook page, I got you down there 3 times – sometimes in quick succession and sometimes in 3 different areas of the page.

I used one of the fine services at to pick a winning number
for me!

I cross-checked the winning number to find the corresponding name and VOILA! Winner winner chicken dinner. Except for temporarily-Vegan me, who will be enjoying Tofu dinner. And Maureen, who will be eating gluten-free pancakes.
That said, let me take this final moment to thank everyone out there who has been reading and supporting Curvy Girl -- we look forward to spending coffee chats with you for many moons to come.

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