Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Size N/A

I think we often wonder what it is that makes one attractive to another. Through history we can see what is deemed attractive changes. Just look at the paintings, sculptures, photographs...It also depends on the continent on which one lives.

This era, the thinner body would appear to be in, though a change is coming, me thinks. "Apple bottoms" are embraced. Tooshies seem to be in (and boobs never went out, really. Nor should they!)

Americans seem to be getting larger in general. Evolution? Does it matter if it comes from
improper eating and lack of movement? Evolution is a
change in an organism, adapting to it's surroundings...and crap food is out there and easy...Anyone seen the movie Wall-E? Seems completely possible with the chairs and built in screens and the skeletons growing apart. All foods in a cup with a straw....(it all started with the damn coolata!)
But, I digress...

I asked a mix of people what it is they find attractive when it comes to women. Size, looks, coloring, etc. Men and women
alike agreed, regardless of their sexual orientation, that they like and desire a woman who is Confident and Comfortable with herself.

Confidence doesn't have a dress size.
Comfortable doesn't look fat in those pants.

I will call these women the Double Cs. Or....Dub Cs for short. (Done. Love me a good nickname)

The Dub Cs look damn good in bed, because they know who they are and what they like. They will ask for it.

The Dub Cs can pull off an outfit that someone thinner/taller/whatever can't because they feel they look great and exude it. They DO look great! I bet you never would have thought to have worn that!

The Dub Cs walk into a room and instantly own it because they are full on eye contact, have a strong walk, and move with a purpose.

I totally want to be a Dub C. Some days I am. A few days every month I am the epitome of the Dubs, and it has nothing to do with what I am wearing- though I dress better those days. It has nothing to do with what the scale told me. It is hormonal, granted, but it is all internal. I feel great in my center. My spine is strong and my lungs are full and the sun is shining in my eyes no matter the weather or time of day. That is far more exciting than fitting into my pre kid pants. It stayed with me when the pants did not! (screw you, pants!)

Channel your Dubs C!

Some quotes from the panel I addressed:

"I'm attracted to women who like their body. In my experience women who work at obtaining and maintaining that "hard body", "supermodel" physique are more sexually inhibited and don't really seem to love the body they work so hard for."

"If a woman's voice, body, mind and actions sync up, there is nothing better. Unattractive is when a woman forces a body type on herself, even though she wouldn't have had it(?) to comply with some standard that always changes."

"S'funny how those super models with the size zero - look like little boys...... Attractive only to little girls, and Catholic priests." (Still laughing at that one)

"As the father of a beautiful young lady, I worry about what she sees in the main stream media as "beauty" and have an open dialogue with her about her body" .

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