Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Meeting of the Minds

From now on here at Curvy Girl, Monday will be the day when we welcome guest bloggers. Today's post comes from our friend Liz and we think you'll enjoy hat she has to say! Thanks for chiming in, Liz :-)
"Love your body."

Three simple words used more and more frequently these days to boost the self esteem of women everywhere. And after years of idolizing supermodels and skinny Hollywood types, it's about time a movement was made to accept ourselves. After all, we don't have access to a beauty crew and airbrushing, nor can we afford a personal trainer. And we don't always have time to exercise or plan perfectly balanced meals for a houseful of picky eaters. But we do our best because we love our bodies, and when you love something, you want it taken care

I saw a poster recently that said, "Health is the relationship between you and your body." Well, I happen to love myself quite a bit and this is the only body I have, so I should probably take great care of it and make sure we have a good relationship. Seems like a simple thought, except for 20+ years I neglected to maintain any kind of relationship with it. I fed it whatever tasted good at the time without regard to clogged arteries and family histories of cancer and diabetes. I put off exercise until I could "find the time", except when you're raising a family, you don't get extra hours in a day for you to just find.

I waited until the fear of chronic disease struck me to mend my relationship with my body. I decided I would not allow a disease to take over my life if I could help it. I've read in various places that 60-85% of all diseases are caused by lifestyle choices. Well, I would be a fool to gamble with my life. And now, seven weeks later, I have a healthy, happy, functioning relationship with my body. It works better than ever, it looks better than it has in the last two years, and all because I am giving it the care and love it deserves. Now this body, with it's big thighs and wide ankles and stretch marks that moves and breathes and has curves throughout...I love this body, as evident by how I treat it.

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