Wednesday, February 1, 2012

moments in time with my body.....


Plank position.

Upper arms shaking.

Abs quivering.

Breathing labored.

Head lolling side to side.

I look down into my oversized t-shirt that has ballooned down towards the floor. And there it wrinkled lower roll kanga purse...elongating itself with the help of gravity towards the gym floor. It looks like an old leather pouch of gold.

Leprechauns come running, leaping on little feet, to grab the riches.


Pushing kids on the swing.

Running after them.

Being chased.

Climbing into their fort in the swing set.

Following after them as they head down the slide.

Butt in position at the top of the slide, I push off and move an inch. Wedged. I lift my left butt cheek and go sailing down.

Run after them again.


Walk into the living room.

Make a loud sigh.

Kids oblivious.

TV is on.

Look around for a resting spot.

I choose the floor and lie down on my tummy with my hand under cheek. I close my eyes. After a moment of quiet rustle I feel 3 heads placed on my bum. TV watching continues.

Small voice says, "Mommy. mmmmmmmm" as she snuggles more deeply.

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