Thursday, February 23, 2012

New and Improved

"Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better." – Unknown

Today, this quote resonated loudly within my soul. I had an awakening. Seriously, I did.

When did some of us start thinking of ourselves as “broken” per se? I mean, I have for other reasons thought of myself as less than “perfect” but I have always believed in myself as fully functioning - despite my flaws. I lost my hearing at the age of 4. I have never once considered myself as “broken” nor “handicapped” and I always sought to prove myself to the world as fully functioning as my peers despite.

However, today, I realized that I actually perceive my body as broken. I really, really do, even though I have never had that precise thought exactly.

  • Wake up call: I have spent years trying to “fix” many of the things I find wrong with my body.

  • I have hidden my many flabalanches.

  • I have spanx’d myself from shoulder to knee; and cut off my circulation for days.
    I have smooshed and smashed my gargantuan boobs under minimizers; and I now fluff and prop them as much as I can in cleavage enhancing blouses.

  • I have sucked in my gut until people compliment me on the color of my skin matching the deep blue of my eyes.

  • I have turned my body for a better angle in pictures to minimize my size; especially next to much smaller peers.

  • I have worn ankle rolling, arch killing sky high heels for the “appearance” of a long, lean physique.

  • I work out like a mad woman – not only for the physical health sake; but because I like to have people notice my bulging biceps versus the dangly underarm flabby thingy that makes me give friends just a half-wave.

  • I lunge and I squat for days on end for a firm, and yes, a rock hard ass. I dare you to test it yourself....but it’s definitely much larger than the average woman’s but it might just snap your wrist if you get too close.

Today, I realize that there are more of us trying to fix something we perceive as broken.
I want to gather our womankind, our women clan and yell STOP RIGHT THERE.

Let’s stop the excuses. Let’s stop the blame game:

  • Regardless of our girth or lack thereof....

  • Regardless of our big breasts, small breasts and everything in between.....

  • Regardless of our stretch marks, our battle scars, our zits, or limp hair.....

  • Regardless of what society tells us is beautiful, or sexy, or anything but....

  • Regardless of our current state of health, or illness.....

ONE thing is clear.

Let’s start over. Let’s create something better. We can ALWAYS be a better version of ourselves.

Let’s stop trying to be someone or something we are not. Let’s improve upon what we already are.

The choice is YOURS. Stay tuned for the new and improved ME. (Version 4,545,989,678.003).

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