Friday, February 10, 2012

3 Recipes to Recharge

Recipe #1

1 sun beam
1 cat (optional)
5 mins

The cat comes in handy when seeking out the best sunbeam in your home.
Once located, place self in sunbeam, close eyes and turn face towards sun. Everything you "see" should be red (red/orange).
Visualize painting your field of vision an even deeper red than you are seeing.
Take long sweeps of your paint brush, making slow strokes, and breath deeply.
Take a deep breath in...say your favorite curse/funny word as you exhale*.

*Long voweled words seem to work best here. (eg. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnniiiiiiiiiiiissssss")

Recipe #2

Look at these pictures:

(don't I look like a hamster here?)

Recipe #3

1 piece of dark chocolate*
Your mouth
An out of the way spot

Take a piece of dark chocolate and bring it to an out of the way spot (away from children, spouses, and the like).
Put the chocolate in your mouth and either let it melt slowly or chew that mother to smithereens saying "M-m-mm-m-mm-m-MMM-m-m-mmmm-MMM!!" while doing so.
("nom nom nom" is a great alternative.)

*considered a healthy part of your diet- especially when one has eliminated merlot.


  1. That was awesome. I ooohed, aaaahhhhed and laughed out loud. (LOL as the e-addicts say)

  2. ROTFLMAOWEDCPQRST!!!! (or whatever) Woohoo!