Monday, October 15, 2012

On Friendship

Come to me friend.

Come sit by the sea and tell me your secrets. I will tell you mine.
Be my roots, I will be your branches.

I will hold your hand as you scale the steep cliffs, throw my head back with laughter when the ground is flat and safe. Either way, I am here and I know you are there.
Tell your dirty jokes and I will tell you mine. Mine are always better but you already knew that.

Take this cup of tea, this glass of wine, this nourishing meal. Take what I offer to you because everything I do for you means love.

Come with me friend, over bridges and around faraway lighthouses. Let’s revel in the joy of seeing something new, something that makes our jaws drop or makes us close our eyes as we say silent thank yous to whatever star or goddess or spiraling female energy has offered this to us.

Did you know that I wished for you? It was a long time ago, and I was just a girl.

Will the old woman in me tell the right story? As we knit on rocking chairs by the seaside recalling early days, will I remember the wish I made now? That I wished for a lifetime with you?

Remind me, friend. Remind me then as I remind you now.
Tell me the story of the journey.