Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I must be moving into the next phase of womanhood because I haven’t been invited to a Lia Sophia party in at least 2 years.

There was a time, when my kids were small, when pyramid marketing scheme parties were all the rage and it was a great excuse for a lonely housefrau to whip out of the driveway, whip out her checkbook and whip up some clever conversation with near-strangers and sister-in-laws.

So we’ve moved on (thank God) and there is a new and improved way for women to support each other. They are called charity events and to be honest, I can’t get enough of them. Mainly because – much like the Lia Sophia parties of days gone by – you get a night out with friends and wine and yummy snacks and someone else does the planning and cleaning.

But in a way ,they are even better because you get to be working to a greater end than wearing a pretty bauble that will tarnish within the calendar year or having a fancy new Tupperware Margarita set.
You get to, well, DO SOMETHING.

My friend Liz is one of those people who is always raising money somehow for someone, from shaving her head for St. Baldricks to taking on a marathon to support the Jimmy Fund. But this time she has worked up a night for everyone to enjoy, so I am here to inspire, educate and persuade you to join in the fight.
For those of you, Curvy Girl readers, who are local to Central Massachusetts, I invite you to purchase your $20 ticket to this night....coming this weekend.
The event, to be held Oct. 6th from 7 - 11 p.m. at the Eagles Hall on Litchfield Street, promises music and laughter for attendees, along with light snacks, raffles and a cash bar.
And the opportunity to fund research via the Pancreatic Cancer Alliance.
According to Liz, her inspiration for getting involved with planning the event is her sister-in-law, whose mother persished, so quickly and brutally, from the debillitating disease.
"I just wanted to do something," she said, out of love and empathy -- two wells that run deep for my friend.
So here is your chance, Curvy readers, to make a difference. And to hobknob with at least two of us Curvies, plus Liz -- a one-time contributor here at www.confessionsofacurvygirl.com and a good friend of mine.
To purchase tickets, please contact Liz at and get your buns on down to the Eagles Hall this Saturday night.
I will be the one at the cash bar telling dirty jokes. Come introduce yourself.

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