Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surround Yourself

Last week I wrote about "Spike" - that evil gremlin that takes up residence in my big head.  Many of you related and had your own version of "Spike" within your mental abyss as well.  Some of you just ooze with self-confidence on the surface and for that, I know I remain a teeny bit envious.
In any event, I am trying to stop wasting valuable energy fighting and duking it out with Spike.  As part of my resolve to make 2013 truly my year and to hit my milestones bigger than ever, I have no choice but to kick Spike to the curb.  The reality is I cannot kick Spike out without some help, some support, and without my friends.
As you know, my very core, my inner nature is to take care of those who need it.  My deepest desire is to help others; it is simply how I am hard wired.  I guess you can say I have a little Mother Theresa complex - I cannot help it, it is my way and I will not apologize for it.  I love to help others.  Anyone who has paid it forward can attest to the glorious feeling of doing good in the world.  Many can see the ripple affect that acts of kindness can perpetuate.
However, as part of my 2013 mission, I realize that I need to be a little more selective of whom I help and how - as part of a balance to help ME.  Yes, I will struggle with this and it will be a great lesson learned in making better choices.
Better choices.  Yes, that does not only apply to nutrition and exercise but in life in general.  I will always wonder a tiny bit if I had made better choices earlier on in life, would I have avoided a breast cancer battle.  Who knows?  It is really irrelevant, but I will be truthful and admit that sometimes I do skip a beat and consider this question. 
If I had made a better choice and let my parents figure out their life problems; perhaps I would not have been so eager to let them move in with my family.  Would it have been a better choice for my family and for them?  Who knows?  It is also irrelevant at this point.
I do know that part of my 2013 plans allow me to surround myself with the people who bring out the very best in me.  I am focusing on finding friends who support me in my fitness goals; including a group of ladies who will put me in the dust in our race in May.  However, training to race with them will push me out of my comfort zone and the push will allow me to be the very best physical me.  I have training buddies right now that know me all too well and will not allow me to skip out on a "Spin and Sink" workout.  We laugh, we sweat, we curse and we keep on going!  These friends do not let Spike within a 100 feet perimeter - in fact, I am fairly certain one has taken out a restraining order against Spike!
I am selecting friends who share similar nutritional goals and like to swap crazy recipes.  Go ahead, pick on me for my latest healthly food craze - I will smile and go get a giant big ol' bowl of veggies with a mutually adoring friend-fan.  I'm not the only kale-lover or veggie sushi lover!
I am picking friends who will let me be me....crazy, silly, full of life and share my inner less than positive thoughts.  We will cry tears over the trials and tribulations of life:  parenting woes, marriage headaches, financial disturbances and dysfunctional families.  We will toast a glass (okay, okay, a bottle) of wine to our successes:  wonderful children, weight losses, small cash windfalls, vacations, a clean house and many more.  We will plan bucket lists, we will dream big and we will chase goals that will enable our inner greatness to shine bright.
How about you?
Can you surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those that see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself?

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