Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing In 2013

 I saw all the photos of young couples smooching as they rang in 2013. I saw them in the morning when I rolled out of bed, crumpled tissues and throat lozenge wrappers strewn about. That used to be me.

I haven't gotten my first New Year's kiss for 2013 because, well, first of all I have been married for a bajillion years and second of all, I rang in 2013 with a flu/cold and nobody -- including my husband -- wants to get within 20 feet of me.
But the fact remains that I have always felt New Year's Eve was one of the most overrated party nights of the year, and believe me, nobody loves a party more than me. But let me tell you what I don't love: Staying up past 10 p.m.
And I could blame this on age or lethargy, but it's a personality trait that goes back to my teens. I have never liked staying up late, and therefore New Year's Eve has historically been one of my least favorite celebrations.
Lucky for me, we have some awesome friends that throw a party for families, and nobody raises an eyebrow when you leave at 10 p.m. So this is a more appropriate photo-summation of my New Year's:
 My family, sacked out in bed. Me under the influence of Tylenol Cold Severe, the kids and husband passed out after a notable sugar high and a full buffet of delights. And somehow, just the mere acceptance of what is makes me feel incredibly blessed and lucky.
For a broad who likes to party a little and go to bed early, I may have found my most ideal posse.
My family rules.
Happy 2013 to you and yours -- may the year bring all your dreams right to your front door.

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