Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Change Challenge

Whooooooooo came up with starting a diet in the dead of winter? Who thought: New year! New you!?

 I can see the whole fresh start for the new year, new chapter, new notebook, no mistakes kind of view. I think, however, it should be that January 1st you can put in your request for a diet resolution that starts in late March or early April. 

Not now when every fiber of our beings tell us to add a layer of fat! Get under the covers! Stay in doors! Or when the new year's months have holidays that include chocolates and soda breads and, for me, cake!

Last year, I went for it on Jan 14th (after cake) and followed my husband on his weight loss journey. Let's remember, though, I did a lot of hikes with the kids. It was 45/50 degrees often. It was such a mild winter that I could punch Pot Pie in his friggin' face! Then a year later we both got caught up in the food and beers of the season: his Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my Birthday. He is now back on track and I am doubled over, hands on my knees, winded a few blocks behind him waving him on. Go on without me. I will catch up to the band wagon when I can stand to walk outside. When I can put away all the roux recipes I can possibly think of. When I can stop obsessing about the trail mix in the cupboard (read: next to wherever I am sitting).

I don't really have to get "bathing suit ready". Those words have never been a part of my life. At this point I am just playing the game of "Kate, you can go ahead and eat that. It will be more you have to deal with later". And I try to listen to the other side of the argument telling me to not eat it now, but I can't hear it because Kisha's cookies are extra crisp and noisy when I chew. And you know, the way the flu is going around? I could possibly have a 10lb weight loss diet thrown at me that I can sleep through. THAT possibility alone has lead to a Little Debbie hang out.

Here is a neat little thing. My husband's company pays each employee and their spouse up to $400 each (as in- takes it off the insurance bill) if they work on a healthy life change. We are very fortunate to have such a cool company employing Rob (and they are equally as lucky) but they are also wise. Computer awesomeness peoples (read: geeks) tend to sit allllllll day in front of the computer. So this company is making sure their insurance bills aren't as high by getting their employees healthy. Loads of healthy foods in the cafeteria, free gym and health assessment, and this program. The one I am doing now is called One Change Challenge. You tick off a box if you did the one change that day that you have chosen to stick with. You have 35 days to get 20 points. And it can be anything. An extra cup of veggies a day. Stretching for 5 minutes a day. 2 minutes of meditation a day. One less soda a day. Etc. And you don't need the company for it. You can do it just because it is 1 thing. As detailed as you want it to be. I am doing 1 minute of planking a day. (Baaaaaaaaaaaaby steps) 
My children love it. 
Mom. You are shaking. 
Mom. You are jiggling. 
Why? Why is everything all shaky on you? 
Mom. Mom. Can I put my book on your back? 
Mom. Mommy. Your face is red. 
Mom. Are you praying?" 
And B just usually climbs on my back.

Though I won't be handing out $100 if you do, I invite you to ease into change by picking even the least painful positive change you can think of and do it for at least 20 days out of the month. 20 sit ups a day? 1 minute of jumping jacks? 10 push ups? 1 cup of green tea? Run up and down your stairs for 1 minute? 2 minutes? Letting 1 stress go. 30 days of not worrying about one thing! (because worrying about it isn't helping, is it?) 
You get the gist.

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