Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I need to walk by myself often.

I need a dress that make me feel like a girl

I need jeans that make me feel like a woman.

I need to do push ups and carry heavy things.

I need to turn the head of someone.

I need to move through a room unseen.

I need to point, ask, and have someone do it for me.

I need to talk to someone.

I need to not talk for so long that I am surprised by the sound of my own voice.

I need someone to listen and nod.

I need someone to gently correct me.

I need that number on the scale.

I need that sale item to brag about.

I need my children to have a belly laugh a day within my earshot.

I need someone on my side.

I need someone by my side.

I need a summer peach to drip so drastically as I eat it that I can't keep up and stop trying to and let it roll down my arm.

I need to point out my flaws and have no one correct me or agree with me.

I need my dad to think it is a good idea.

I need my mom to let me do it. For her.

I need 5 minutes in a sunbeam with a cat. (10 mins without the cat.)

I need to volunteer for something at least once a month.

I need a tan before I put on a bathing suit and that is a catch 22. (and Irish thighs ain't smiling)

I need to lose the guilt, sometimes, and embrace it other times as it makes me make wise decisions.

I need Tylenol PM (knock off brand of course) in my cabinet so I never have to use it.

I need the first spoonful of peanut butter out of a new container.

I need to sit around with my friends and not talk about weight loss every now and then.

I need to be a real grouch and have no one call me on it.

I need a hug to get out of my grouchness but won't ask for it...

I need my space. (It is probably next to you, though)

I need to see 4 months into the future.

I need to be needed

I need a shower.

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