Friday, March 2, 2012

Foodie Friday

We are a family that loves to entertain. And much like any couple, we have a specialty and our specialty is pizza. Most weekends, our kitchen or our patio are alive with conversation and chaos as kids run wild, cold beer is poured and hungry friends wait expectantly for our creations to cool down for them. It's a good, good life and I love it.

It isn't, however, the healthiest life. But being a conscious eater doesn't have to mean sacrificing your social life, and being a party animal doesn't have to mean sacrificing your culinary morality. If it is pizza you desire, or pizza you wish to serve to friends, why not try rolling out a super thin crust and loading the shit out of it with veggies? For a splurge, you would still be getting a heaping dose of veggies with each slice, which might be a heaping dose of veggies more than you'd be getting if you ate, say, a peanut butter sandwich. So for entertaining or just having a family fun night on the weekend (maybe this weekend?!), ask not what you can do for your pizza but what your pizza can do for you.

Without further ado, my world famous recipe:

In a bowl, simply dump:

3.5 cups all purpose flour
1 c. warm water
2 T. yeast
2 T. honey
1/4 c. olive oil
1/2 t. salt

mix, knead, let rise for 30 minutes in a warm place. This recipe is so so so easy and everyone raves about it. Also, when the dough has risen, it is incredibly easy to work with. Press it out thin (if you use a super thin crust, this recipe will easily make 2 or 3 large pizzas).

Now, as an addendum to this recipe, I should add that I do not eat gluten and therefore I sweat my noots off cooking things I can't and won't really eat. However, I don't love to call attention to this fact when entertaining, so I generally take a couple portabella mushroom caps and load them up with my favorite toppings like you would do with an English muffin pizza, throw them in the same 500-degree oven and call it a day. It's my secret weapon for pizza night.

So whaddaya think? Pizza night this weekend?!

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