Thursday, March 1, 2012


Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair, one that reclines nonetheless. Now, imagine a cordial, sweet faced woman bringing you a deliciously warm blanket to cloak your body and the softest pillow for your lap. Imagine a personal TV, just inches from wherever suits you best, along with absolute, 100% control over the remote – a remote you push the buttons and channel surf, just because you can. Sound heavenly?

Now imagine the cordial, sweet faced woman coming back, in all but a full-on hazmat suit.

In this doll’s face, you see a slight remorse as she prepares to do something less than pleasant to you. With the skill of a surgeon, she lays a pee pad (yes, those blue plastic cloth lined pee pads they typically put under you for childbirth or incontinence) on your lap; followed by a very LARGE needle, some clamps and other equipment so colorful, you swear it came from the resident Lego kit.

Your sweet lady has already hung a giant bag that is emblazoned with stickers screaming POISON, TOXIC, and HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE (yes, not just care, but EXTREME care). Ms. Doll has now taken the gigantic, sixteen feet, ninety
-six gauge needle and slowly guided it into your vein, on the side of your wrist (yes, on the SIDE where your thumb connects with your hand). After some swift work with all the previously laid out gadgets, (you are too busy quelling the cold sweats and light headedness from the sword prick), the sweet gal slowly opens the valve and the poison embraces gravity, descends downward and enters your body. Ms. Doll watches anxiously, with any sign of allergic reaction, she is prepared to sprint at an Olympic pace to gather a doctor to tend to you. You feel nauseous, not from the poison (yet), but because the pure idea of something so toxic is now entering your life stream; it is overwhelming. The liquid is cold, it burns and it drips for hours and hours.

Within a couple of days, you are fighting complete nausea 24/7, despite the many meds to counteract the feeling. The dry heaving and vomiting hurts your eyes, your head, your ribs, your abdominal muscles. You cannot poop. You cannot POOP. The poison has dried you out, regardless of the gallons of fluids you have taken in preparation. Over the next few weeks, your hair falls out….your head, your arms, your eyelashes, your eyebrows, your pubes (yes, your pubes) and if you are lucky, you may still have to shave your legs!

Then the bone pain sets in. If you have given birth, then you have to imagine something more painful than trying to deliver 1,000 children – at once. A stabbing, burning pain so deep within your absolute core and unlike any other pain you have ever felt – a brutal pain so overwhelming that death almost seems a welcome relief.

You may be wondering why, on a Curvy Girl blog, I am describing the scenario above. Well, I know a certain Curvy Girl who went through the torture above for a period of sixteen weeks for two different types of poison, followed by another period of twelve weeks with a third poison (and that does not include multiple other forms of slicing, dicing, poking, prodding, needling, harpooning and more, in between, and following thereafter). Sadly, this Curvy Girl knows by experience what happens when you take your blessed body for granted; when you do not fuel it with proper nutrition; when you do not de-stress it; when you do not exercise it….frankly, when you do not think about it much at all.

Countless other Curvy Girls I have talked to admit that they do not really think about their daily habits. Other Curvy Girls are devoted to weekly exercise, but have not fine tuned their nutrition. Some Curvy Girls admit to watching the quantity of what they eat (i.e. portion control), but have never stopped to read a label; nor do they know what they are ingesting (i.e. what exactly is a Cheeto?). Many Curvy Girls drink gallons of diet cola, sugar-free this/that and the other while other Curvy Girls still…smoke… cigarettes.


The great thing about living in this country is the multiple freedoms we are afforded. We are all entitled to our own opinions, our own freedoms, and our own lifestyle choices. Even more powerful than these freedoms are our lives!! We are given the ultimate gift of life; this amazing body to get us through 80-100 years of awesome memories. Maybe it’s time for us to take a moment to stop and think about our daily habits. A few tweaks here and there in your routine; perhaps you will never, ever have to experience the dire consequences of taking your beautiful body for granted. Each small change in your lifestyle may help you avert a heart attack, diabetes, or yes, cancer and the requisite poisoning so you may live.

You know all of this, you say? What are you waiting for then? Be an empowered Curvy Girl. Take control of your life.

As more and more of my peers are suffering with avoidable health issues, I beg of you to make some small changes. Seriously, I'm begging and pleading with you. Please do not risk subjection to the horrific treatment I described above. If you do not know where to start, come find me – I will be happy to help you.

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