Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trail Mix

I love trail mix. 
I used to eat very basic pre-made stuff. 

Then, I started to buy more "mature" flavors. 
Wasabi coated almonds. 
So very exciting. 

But now I have reached the pinnacle. I found a place where I could build my own trail mix.


I stood over this trail mix buffet and began to choose. I was humming and I think I was dancing a bit. How perfect! Because I am the type of person who will eat the ingredients in trail mix when I don't even like them because I am made up of 96% guilt. No wasting.

Sooooooooo, in the quiet moment of reading one afternoon, I got to thinking whilst eating my Kate made trail mix. Interesting how much the container mirrored my life. I am now in a place where I feel comfortable with choosing my friends that make me most happy. 

I looked at the yogurt coated raisin and recognized who that was. And the cashew. I love that cashew in my life. We all have that almond that helps support us. And the M&M that keeps life sweet. I love the quiet of the sunflower seed and the extreme necessity of the corn nut. The unexpected corn nut! I was thrilled, too! Yes, the peanut was welcome in smaller doses. The sesame stick was probably a little heavy handed, but....that happens. I found a couple of odds and ends ingredients that snuck in while I scooped. Some I snacked on. Some I had to throw out. They didn't belong in my mix. 
(And yes. There was guilt.)

I do want to thank every one of you nuts, grains, dried fruits and berries out there that have contributed to help Kisha and her family after the fire and the loss of their home. You are the most bountiful Trail Mix I have ever known. Your medley is the sweetest around. XO

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