Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top Twenty Thankfuls

We are all thankful for so much this time of year.  The health of our family, the abundance in our lives whether it be food, or our homes, or the love in our hearts.  We are grateful for the national security in our land, no fear of rockets throughout the night.  We are thankful for jobs and paychecks.  We are thankful that even when we are tight, we still have plenty to give.
20.          I am thankful for padded shorts for the hour long spinning class and the safety of my rear.  Despite the abundance of padding provided by Mother Nature and “other” things, a seat without padded shorts is enough to cripple a tough adult.
19.          I am thankful for the smells that remind me of my youth, including the essence of the endangered Hostess Ding Dongs and the hallways of LHS.
18.          I am thankful for long sweaters to keep me warm (and to hide the evidence of consumption of that aforementioned endangered Hostess Ding Dong…..hey, it may be the last time ever).
17.          I am thankful for hot showers, even when a little skinny, bony girl body joins me and tells me to move out of the way (“You’re hogging all the water, Momma!  Push over!).
16.          I am thankful for the play punch to my face from my towering twelve year old son.  It means he loves me, and it is actually a sign of affection.
15.          I am thankful for that man who lives with me, for more reasons than he puts the trash out, does the dishes and helps me make some really awesome offspring.
14.          I am thankful for friends who know how to truly be silly with me and those who tell me to relax when I am way too serious.  I give extra thanks to those who have taught me the word “Motorboat”; to those who refused to judge me; and to those friends who are crazy enough to convince me to do a triathlon training session (who SWIMS in the cold of winter?  Oh, I do).
13.          I am thankful for the herd of four-legged meowing creatures that live within my home.  Despite the piles of cat puke and the multiple cat litters, these fuzzy cuties know the precise moment my lap needs warming or I could use a snuggle that a human is not providing.
12.          I am thankful for the copious amounts of bills on my counter because they remind me…..that I am truly indeed NOT thankful for bills.  Seriously, how many dental, orthodontia and oral surgery bills can ONE family have?  (But thankful for Flex Spending plans!)
11.          I am thankful for cell phones.  I can literally feel connected to two of my three children within an instant.  As much as I love Adam Levine singing about a payphone, I am really grateful my children will not have to use one. 
10.          I am thankful for boobs.  Really.  And not only because mine literally tried to kill me.  I have made so many positive changes in my life because of my boobs.  I have met some of the most caring and lovely people – all because of boobs.  Yay for boobies.
9.            I am thankful for toilet paper.  Need I say more?  Other than I am convinced my family must eat it as well as use it for its intended purpose.  Who goes through a mega pack weekly?
8.            I am thankful for children’s clutter, as it reminds me of our abundance and how fortunate my kids are to have as much as they do.
7.            I am thankful for the overfull schedules, because it means I have healthy children who may participate in the sports and events that they truly love and enjoy.
6.            I am thankful for my husband’s 180 mile round trip daily commute.  Because even though it knocks the breath out of our wallet when gas is $4/gallon, it means my husband is gainfully employed at a job that offers him balance with life and family (and those aforementioned bills get paid - albeit slower than we would like).
5.            I am thankful for my community.  Thankful for the very people who step up when you have fallen down.  Meals, rides, hugs, tears, kicks in the ass, more hugs, more pick-ups, fundraising for those who make up this community, laughter, silliness, more tears, more bonding, and just plain awesome fibers who make up this little city of Leominster.
4.            I am thankful for Always Infinity.  ‘Nuf said.
3.            I am thankful for wine.  Yes.  Yes, I am.  Cline Cashmere to be exact.  Feel free to ever add to my collection and I will be even fuller of gratitude.  Or better yet, come share a bottle with me.
2.            I am thankful for having the ability to be thankful.  To keep my perspective in alignment when things do not go the way I intend;  for having the flexibility to adapt.
1.            I am thankful for life, for you, for me, for our families.  Enjoy your turkey, your stuffing, your pies and everything in between.
Happy Thanksgiving to you.  <3

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