Monday, November 5, 2012

November challenge-Election

For the month on November, we Curvies have joined NaBloPoMo November. (National Blog Posting Month). With over 1600 other bloggers we are touching on some topics that are brainstormed by another person. Makes us step outside our normal realm, but we still write in our voice. I am psyched. 
Today's topic is :

What are your thoughts about tomorrow's election in the United States?

Hm. Now. That is a toughie because I don't talk politics much in general because it can cause a stress in a relationship. I am not one who likes my relationships stressy. It makes my hair look bad and my breathing goes funny. I have decided I am going to write a little bit about it in a chaotic way that is my brain and my heart.

I do listen a bit to what is said by both political parties, but I just believe in one political party more. Quite simply, it has to do with being raised in a family whose start was in politics. Almost like being raised Irish Catholic, I was raised Democrat and as a girl and as the baby of the family. These are all things that formed me and the way I think and the way I feel.

Bleeding Liberal heart? Yes. 
That is me. But my heart bleeds for so much more than politics. I have a bleeding heart for little chubby kids, and wet otters holding hands, and a picture of a cake sent to me by a friend that stuck to the pan and was ruined. These things effect me. 

I don't like it when people don't share. I think stuff should be even in a perfect world. I want people to stick up for each other and make sure that each person is getting the same rights as they are people. People.

Yes, this is all very broad and I tend to think in broad terms because the itty bitty, nitty gritty of what ifs, what abouts, sometimes is too much to think about. It doesn't apply often enough. I focus on the big picture. This is a big country, it gets the stand back and look approach from me. Maybe that makes me sound stupid. However I am not. 

My husband has commented before, being of another political party and a bit of a challenging smartypants, that he can count on me to vote for the same party no matter what and always for the female candidate within my political party. 

But only because they tend to be heading the way I am going. I have voted for another party before, was for the Green Party. A Gay woman to boot and that just kind of proves his point more and he shakes his head at me. 

(Flashing winning smile)

It is all good.

So my thoughts about the election tomorrow are this: you all know who I want now for both President and Senator. I just hope it comes out nice and clear. No hanging chads. No faulty ballot machines. No recounts and EXTRA discord between the political parties. I want all the advertisements to stop and the phones to stop ringing. I don't want any more bashing of people. I want everyone to settle the frig down and think about how awesome the end of the month is. 


Yes, I want everyone to friggin' stop and think about pie.


  1. I was raised in a republican family, but all of them are going with Obama this election... No support for Mr. Mittens =P

    And oh, those pies look delicious. I might just venture out and get some now... =P

  2. Some common sense thinking before voting and a lot of pie after.