Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Act In Office

If you were President of the United States, what would be your first act in office?

Today, we all go to cast our votes for the next President of the United States (if you are reading this and have yet to vote, go do it – NOW!).  Party lines cast aside, we will have to respect the popular vote and trust that the next man; whether it’s Obama or Romney, will do what is right for our country as a whole.  No amount of bitching about it (sorry for the profanity, but that is clearly what it is) is going to change the outcome.  I will put my trust and faith (??) in this chosen candidate to make decisions that will enrich our great country.  I wonder what Obama would do as his first act should he be re-elected.  I ponder what Romney would do first in the White House.  Personally, I would spin circles in the desk chair in the Oval Office simply because I could!

Seriously, I do not know the first thing about being President.  It is a daunting endeavor regardless.  We live in volatile times and there is certain unpredictability about our national security.
As part of NaBloPoMo, us Curvies are using some suggest topics to fodder discussion.  I do not like to engage in public about my political beliefs, simply because this year's election has become very negative in all aspects.  However, I am curious about what others would do in the role of President.
As a child, I wondered what it would be like to be President.  Wow, the boss of the entire country?  Holy Smokes Batman - $200,000 a year for a paycheck.  And then you grow up.  $200,000/year is not an awful lot of money to be completely grey-haired in a period of four years.  Seriously, go back and look at the men in office when they are inaugurated and again, when they depart the top seat.

You know, this country is an amazing place to live.  When we all stop and reflect upon our freedoms for a moment; when we are truly grateful for the rights we take for granted; and when we are simply kind to each other.

I would not make my first act in office one of trying to balance a budget; nor trying to decrease a trillion dollar deficit (how does one do that ANYWAY?  I have issues with my household deficit!).  I would not try to focus on aid and peace in the foreign nations until we are better resolved here at home.

What would I do?  With my rose-colored glasses on, my first act in the Oval Office (yes, aside from spinning in the chair) would be to enact some type of Be Kind Act.  You read that correctly.  Everyone must be kind to one another.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  So simple, but such a grand gesture – an act unlike any before.  Manners, people.  Our nation would return to manners. 

Imagine a world (through these rose colored goggles):

o   Where people let one another pull out into traffic.

o   Where people hold the door for the next person behind them.

o   Where pleases and thank-yous are second nature and involved in every act.

o   Where elders are treated with respect and given priority.

o   Where children do not disrespect their parents and are given rules/consequences for their actions.

o   Where cell phone use is not the standard in the grocery aisle, at the gas station, and every other public place.

o   Where people must do at least one act of kindness a day, for another person (preferably unrelated to them).

That would be my first act.



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