Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quirky Gurrrrrl

I want to give a shout out to the girls out there. I love them all. Even the lame ass ones that make other people's girls cry. Someone did them a disservice at some point. My love for them is that they can turn it around. (If they don't and they become mean women, well then I will be honest. I hate them.)

In my heart today is a shout out to the "quirky girl". The beat of their own drummer girl. The "anyone can play with me if I wish to be around anybody, which maybe I don't, but check back with me later" girl. The girl that doesn't quite match, thank goodness. The girl who sticks up for the little ones, for herself, for ants (but maybe not stink bugs), for snakes, for pickles.

My mind is on my middle- and I don't mean my gut, for once. My middle child is turning 8. I have written about her before and I have decided to repost that today for my blog. I also wanted to add a few cool resources out there that give great advice on books and movies and great women to talk about with your daughter:
Mighty Girl is on Facebook. Like it and make it apart of your daily feed. A friend told me about it and I enjoy it.
Random House's great picks for girls for some books.
PBS has top picks on books as well.
PBS dedicates a whole section to understanding and raising girls. (PBS, I love you. I LUUUUUURVE YOU!!!!!!)
Dove is on board! They have a whole campaign going on I missed because I fast forward commercials.

So, just some stuff. Of course, the number one way I am focusing on raising my girls to be who they want to be, as best I can, is allowing myself to be me. Not commenting in a negative manner at my reflection. Sharing what I am good at and expressing that to them without boasting. Lots and lots of story sharing and dialogue. I do a multiple dialogue choice approach with my children when my kids are in a bind. I find giving my kids a very loose script, they can then know how to approach a friend, teacher, pest, and get across their feelings and thoughts more effectively. I cry around my children. I can't help it because when I praise them, I cry. When I talk about something that is hard for them, I cry. (Usually I retain my normal voice, but I sometimes get all squeaky) I let them know when I am nervous or when I am having a struggle. They are starting to give me advice. How about that? I am human with them as much as I can be. That includes making mistakes. That include apologizing. (I loathe apologizing. I know. Nice quality, no? Well, I seem to have passed it on.) We can always grow. I like doing it as a family.

Without further ado...................

My previous post about Evelyn in case you still have some coffee left to sip.

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