Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest :: FAILS

 I guess I feel a little defensive. I know that when I start wanting to drop the F-bomb, as my 6 year old calls it (stop judging me), I am dealing with some raw emotion. So let me attempt to keep it clean.

I hate Pinterest. 

My sister texted me about 6 months ago. "You HAVE to get on Pinterest," she cooed. "You are going to LOVE it."

Why? I texted back, deadpan.

"You will feel so inspired!" she chirped.

But here's the thing she was forgetting -- even though I am a shitty artist, I'm an artist. I have that kind of mind -- I am inspired by everything .I dream up the kinds of ideas, naturally * most people need to visit Pinterest  to think up. I have THAT brain. My sister seemed to forget that.

* p.s. I am not bragging -- this type of mindset has downfalls -- I can't balance a checkbook or predict other peoples' emotions when stupid shit comes flying out of my mouth

But I wanted to give you just 3 examples of how Pinterest has screwed me over, letting me think things will turn out just fine and that I, too, can achieve Martha Stewart level awesomeness.

CASE STUDY #1 -- mug cupcakes, which are supposed to look like this:

And in my house, look more like this: 

CASE STUDY #2: Cute little Seuss Hat treats, which on Pinterest look like this:

and in my house, look much more like this:

CASE STUDY #3: Jello Orange Wedges, which Pinterest promotes as being as easy as this...

But looks more like this around here:

What can I tell you? I am good at so many things, but I suck at Pinterest. I'm logging off forever.

As soon as I make those cute  little hair-bows out of old socks. Then I'm logging off. I'm really not Pinterested in continuing that relationship.

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