Tuesday, March 19, 2013


What is the deal with Karma? Is it for real? Is it coincidence with a fancy name? Consequence put in a higher power's hands?
I have been thinking about it a lot lately. It is an old belief that spans different religions. Some believe it is run by a higher power and others believe it is more of a natural cause and effect. It isn't Fate. It is a reaction not necessarily "due" a person, but caused by a persons' actions. We talk about it a lot as a payback, though. It originated more as what keeps balance in the world. It was interesting researching it a bit. Essentially there is no good and bad Karma then, right? Just Karma.

Though in my life there are plenty of times I could think of Karma, I think about it the most living off of rt 117. It is a hairy road to turn on to. Ever since moving here, I flash my lights and wave my hands to a lot of cars that are trying to cross the road or turn on or off of the road. I give many people the opportunity to get to where they are going without having to wait, some times of day easily 4 minutes, just to turn on to it. SO many drivers look right through me. Nope nope. I am going. I am going to keep driving. Well, I don't. I figure the more people I wave on to that road- flooding them with relief from the waiting and intense concentration on the math problem: Timing + Velocity + Dick Factor- the more people who will allow me to join the stream when I need to. Is that selfish?

Simplified: (T+V+DF=K)

I also think about it when I smile at a complete stranger or chat with an elderly person. You, complete stranger, need a smile. You need to chat. You are probably lonely. I will probably be lonely one day, too. I will need someone to smile at me when I am searching my 10 gallon purse for my wallet and holding up the line of tskers and heavy sighers. 

Or you know what? Maybe my mom will need someone to chat with her while in line at the pharmacy. Maybe my dad will need a smile after he stumbles a bit and looks around for a steady place to put his hand. Perhaps someone will help my child figure out a situation when I am not around. Maybe my good actions can go into the world and return to someone I love? That sounds pretty lovely.

Now, go forth and let me on the road.

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  1. I absolutely believe that what you put out there returns to you. Karma is karma. <3