Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Is Love?

In honor of Valentines Day, this is my gift to you.

Love is displayed in many forms. As the years pass, your desire for flowers and romance may wane along side the lust and energetic ways of youth.   In return, love displays itself in subtle, yet powerful, parts of our every day lives.  For example, a gentle foot touch whilst sitting at opposite ends of the couch is a little slice of love.  Maybe it's that hand holding in the family caravan, en route to the umpteenth soccer game that weekend.   Maybe love is simply sharing the household duties.

Here are some of my favorites:

Love is sharing a tender moment:  a passionate hug and a sweet soft lipped kiss - only to have the bonds of your union solidified by the interruption of your youngest child, said child wanting to be the middle of the family "sandwich".

Love is arguing; over the stupid stuff and over the more important.  

Love is made sweeter by apologies and make-ups.

Love is hearing your oldest child tell you she loves you, unprompted.

Love is having your "swagalicious" (his word, not mine) son kiss you goodbye every day when being dropped off for school - regardless of who may be looking.

Love is a friend; listening, hugging, tough-loving, laughing, crying and laughing some more.

Love is a favorite song on the radio to start your day.

Love is finding your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean, in my case, juicy pear or buttered popcorn.

Love is a beautiful sunrise, reminding you of the precious qualities of life, but also of a new day to shine bright and start anew.

Love is caring for aging family; pulling memories in tight, holding on forever.

Love is furry; four-legged creatures there, whenever you need them for a snuggle or two or perhaps a lick or a purr.

Love certainly is more than a box of chocolates; and you certainly do not ever really know what you are going to get but you can be sure it will be pretty sweet.

Whatever piece you choose, love is a great emotion and may be shared freely. On this Valentines Day, tell someone you love them - show them, too.


  1. Love is water poured on your back at the gym while in plank.

  2. Absolutely love! Especially when you think it's the guy working out next to you spraying on you! Eeew.