Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Think You Know Me?

As you all know, last week Confessions of a Curvy Girl blog was nominated for a Liebster award!  Thanks to Surprise Mama for nominating us and for her incredibly kind words!  In playing along with the receipt of such an award, we have to let you all get to know us a little better.

11 Random Facts about Me, Myself and I:

  1. I detest being called “Becky”.  Seriously, I would rather be called sh*thead, then Becky. (I will punch you in the nose, unless you are my favorite oncologist - you get a free pass.  Brian in 2nd grade will remind you that I live true to my words; as we both suffered a paddle on the butt from the principal.  That is how Oklahoma rolls, people).
  2. Orange is my favorite color.
  3. The smell of farts literally makes me gag, and often times causes me to puke.
  4. I prefer cats to dogs.  (I will be that old cat lady……).
  5. I like “weird” food:  sauerkraut, pickled herring in sour cream, spicy chocolate, things in shells, cabbage soup, and I cannot get enough of olives or jalapenos (especially post-chemo).
  6. I love to write, even though I am most successful in the corporate world.
  7. I am a mosquito-trap; on any given night the mosquitos will ALL come for me and everyone else will deny being bothered by the flying, blood-sucking pests.  You are welcome.
  8. My lineage is part-Polish, part-Russian (see aforementioned “weird” food likings in #4), and part-Welsh.  Of course, I am 100% American and 1,000% Boston Strong.
  9. I am more confident at nearly 40 and nearly double the weight, than I was at nearly 20 and nearly half the weight.  Booh-yeah!
  10. I will love you with all of my being and give you my entirety; however, if you wrong me, I will forgive you but our relationship will be civil at best.  There are too many others out there to love.
  11. Cape Cod (aka “The Cape”) is where I feel like I am truly “home” and where I hope to reside someday (i.e. retirement first, then forever).

And finally, my 11 questions from Surprise Mama:
  1. What is your favorite book that was made into a movie (and was the movie any good?)  I really enjoyed the book “Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil”, but the movie was so-so (I love Kevin Spacey so that was okay).
  2. Vanilla or Chocolate?  Vanilla ice cream but chocolate cake.
  3. What is your proudest moment?  Kicking cancer’s ass and getting a baby out of it.
  4. What is the best job or volunteer position you have ever held?  Supporting breast cancer patients through their journeys by helping to co-found PINK Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance.
  5. Sneakers or stilettos?  Love how sexxxxxxxxy stilettos look, but must be safe in sneakers (that post-chemo neuropathy is crimping my style!  Ha ha, okay, I’m not really THAT much of a girl), or ideally, love my flip-flops.
  6. If you were to teach a class, what would it be called?  Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates – You Don’t Know What You Are Going To Get, But You Must Know How To Function in the Real World.
  7. If you were to take a class, what would it be called?  How To Fix The World  (Yes!  I wear rose-colored glasses!)
  8. What is the best gift you have ever received?  My 3 children.
  9. What is your favorite blog (besides your own)?  To be continued (yes, I'm such a tease!)
  10. If you could travel around the world, what five destinations would you be sure not to miss?  Mt. Everest, South Pacific, Alaska, Australia, and Greece
  11. What scares you?  Outliving my children and a cancer recurrence.

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