Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real Life Women Power Pack- Kate writes

I am moving away from Disney Princesses now from last Tuesday and the Tuesday before. Moving away from Barbie in general and am thinking about Real Life Women that I feel would go well in a power pack that I could then hand my daughters at Christmas. Searching all the plastic for a role model was not going to happen at Target.

Barbie Power Packs had 7 dolls. Narrowing my Real Life Women Power Pack (RLWPP)® was difficult. And I don't know if I can, really. These power packs might keep popping up for you all through the weeks...


Sally Ride- Comes with miniature shuttle and classroom material for your teachers on how to keep children interested in Science! 

Hilary Clinton- Comes with glasses you can remove as well as a can of whoop-ass!

 Rosa Parks- Comes with a pair of tickets to the Women's Hall of Fame where she was inducted. (Bus sold separately. )

Tina Fey- Complete with copy of her book, Bossy Pants. (Amy Poehler side kick available with 3 proofs of purchase.)

Martina Navratilova- Has a tennis racket you can use! Rainbow and pink ribbon magnets for your car included!


Francis Perkins- Comes with a Social Security card for you! And a mini diploma that reads: Mount Holyoke, Class of 1902. (Deal with it. My power pack)

Marie Curie- comes with everything you see here! (Radium not included. Kids, ask mom and dad before touching Marie Curie. Do not taunt Marie Curie.)

I could make a RLWPP for artists, one for writers. I could do sports and sciences. I can go on. Which is amazing. To stop and look at all the available role models our daughters/nieces/granddaughters/friend's daughters have, we certainly have come a long way. And these are the ones you can find on line, in books, on A&E biography. How about the role models we can find in our homes? Families? Schools? Places of worship? Afterschool activities. How about you? And me?


My niece wrote a paper about me 2 years ago on how I was someone whom she admired. I have been a better person ever since. Just knowing that I was being seen by someone I didn't create, or who didn't create me, as an important person in the world? I got better that instant. 
(Boxes of tissues included with every reading.)

And by the by- Mulan was real. Her tale translated:

The sound of one sigh after another, As Mulan weaves at the doorway.
No sound of the loom and shuttle, Only that of the girl lamenting.
Ask her of whom she thinks, Ask her for whom she longs.
"There is no one I think of, There is no one I long for.
Last night I saw the army notice, The emperor is calling a great draft.
A dozen volumes of battle rolls, Each one with my father's name.
My father has no grown-up son, And I have no elder brother.
I'm willing to buy a horse and saddle, To go to battle in my father's place."
She buys a fine steed at the east market; A saddle and blanket at the west market;
A bridle at the south market; And a long whip at the north market.
She takes leave of her parents at dawn, To camp beside the Yellow River at dusk.
No sound of her parents hailing their girl, Just the rumbling waters of the Yellow River.
She leaves the Yellow River at dawn, To reach the Black Mountains by dusk.
No sound of her parents hailing their girl, Just the cries of barbarian cavalry in the Yan hills.
Ten thousand miles she rode in war, Crossing passes and mountains as if on a wing.
On the northern air comes the sentry's gong, Cold light shines on her coat of steel.
The general dead after a hundred battles, The warriors return after ten years.
They return to see the Son of Heaven, Who sits in the Hall of Brilliance.
The rolls of merit spin a dozen times, Rewards in the hundreds and thousands.
The emperor asks her what she desires, "I've no need for the post of a gentleman official,
I ask to borrow a camel fleet of foot, To carry me back to my hometown."
Her parents hearing their girl returns, Out to the suburbs to welcome her back.
Elder sister hearing her sister returns, Adjusts her rouge by the doorway.
Little brother hearing his sister returns, Sharpens his knife for pigs and lamb.
"I open my east chamber door, And sit on my west chamber bed.
I take off my battle cloak, And put on my old-time clothes.
I adjust my wispy hair at the window sill, And apply my bisque makeup by the mirror.
I step out to see my comrades-in-arms, They are all surprised and astounded:
'We travelled twelve years together, Yet didn't realize Mulan was a lady!'"
The male rabbit is swifter of foot, The eyes of the female are somewhat smaller.
But when the two rabbits run side by side, How can you tell the female from the male?

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