Monday, May 6, 2013

2 Nominations. 3 Surprised Curvies -Kate writes

As Amanda shared on Friday- she was contacted by the Katie Couric show to possibly come on a future episode to discuss body image and intamacy. Though the 3 of us could do that with our eyes closed (and mouths a flappin' and some wine nearby) the show wanted husbands with us. Unless we were down with a 3 way women on women, we didn't count so it was no longer a fit. But it was an honor. And I don't say that cheesy. It was a breath taking moment that meant the world to us. We are being read by people we don't know. Not my mom and best friends. Strangers who find value in what we say along with the supportive friends we know come along on our thoughts with us.

Also this week, a fellow blogger Surprise Mama nominated our blog for a Liebster Award- an award given to an up and coming blog. The award is based on nominations from other new bloggers. It becomes a support system! It is all just lovely. Thank you Surprise Mama. That was an awesome surprise and we are grateful to you for the shout out.

In order for us to accept this we must share 11 random facts about ourselves and answer 11 questions that was asked by Surprise Mama. We are also supposed to nominate a few up and coming blogs ourselves. My blog reading has dropped off since I went back to work, but I can nominate a few and perhaps the other Curvies can as well if they know of some that fit the requirements.

Recommended:  because she is living in ALBANIA and it is a real place.  I am fascinated byt the balance of a serious-ass job and motherhood  since I have no idea what is in style and miss corduroy already this Spring  my Yogi friend, Linda, just starting out in the blog world!

I will share my 11 and 11 today.

11 Random Facts About Kate

1. My favorite food is rice.
2. I have 4 brothers and one honorary one.
3. My Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe REALLY IS the Toll House recipe.
4. I want to eat a lot of trail mix of my creating.
5. I taught Scarlett Johanson when she was in 6th grade and Steve Buscemi's son in 1st. (I am famous now)
7. My first job was making flower bunches at a farm stand. And wrapping cookies. (and eating them)
8. I experience mittelschmerz.
9. I love the feeling of the first lick of a soft serve cone with sprinkles.
10. I get panic attacks.
11. The day I got my first period a famous journalist was at our house and I was afraid she would put it in the Washington Post. (the world, apparently, didn't revolve around me)

  1. What is your favorite book that was made into a movie (and was the movie any good?) Harry Potter series and YES the movies did it as much justice as it could without each one being 5 hrs long.
  2. Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla if this is ice cream and cake.
  3. What is your proudest moment? I have had many proud moments when it comes to my kids. I know I have some for myself...probably revolving around teaching....I want vanilla soft serve right now and have stopped thinking about this question and am back on #2
  4. What is the best job or volunteer position you have ever held? Best job is being a teacher. I love being a mom, but I am taking this question literally.
  5. Sneakers or stilettos? laced up boots and red slides.
  6. If you were to teach a class, what would it be called? Improv 103 and 1/3
  7. If you were to take a class, what would it be called? Fiddle without reading music
  8. What is the best gift you have ever received? 2- a fiddle when I never told my husband I wanted one and last Christmas he and I gave each other the same thing because we knew the other had wanted it.
  9. What is your favorite blog (besides your own)? The Bloggess
  10. If you could travel around the world, what five destinations would you be sure not to miss? Hawaii, Japanese countryside, Greece, Ireland, Tuscany
  11. What scares you? Death of others

SOooooOOOoooo, that is me. One of three. 
Peace out.

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