Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breath After Death

Death always provides us with the opportunity to reflect, and the grief that ensues provokes deeper thoughts from the realms of our inner most core.  We must visualize positive outcomes in our difficult situations, including death. Somehow, we must find the strength to move across our vast mind and multitude of thoughts – somehow, across an ocean of peace and to a harmonious outcome.  We find the lesson learned.
Death forces us to take a few moments from our hectic lives to pay our respects, to honor the memory of a loved one, and to reflect upon our own lives.  However, as time continues forward and broken hearts heal, our thoughts shift from our reflection pools back into the day to day grind.  Many of us have learned to embrace our moments with more urgency; yet, for the majority, we may slide back into the land of taking simple pleasures for granted.
Death may provoke us to ponder the meaning of life.  What is the meaning of life?  It can be simplified.  Life is whatever you want it to be. 
Let’s revisit the dragonfly.  Yes, bear with me as I rattle on again about the beautiful dragonfly.  In this breath after death, let the dragonfly be a reminder that when our deeper thoughts rise to the surface we must pay attention; for there are lessons to be learned.  Our thoughts are uniquely tied to what happens in our lives.   
Be Inspired.  Aspire to Inspire.  Inspire. 
YES!!  It really is as simple as that.
Be Inspired.  With the loss of our aforementioned local warrior in Fly Freeand Big Moments, Small Moments, the community in which we all live has demonstrated just how inspired we all are by this one woman……this one woman who was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mommy, a friend……..she inspired complete STRANGERS with the way she simply lived her life. 
Many of us have struggled with the “lesson” behind her death; yet, one thing is abundantly clear – we were all inspired by her.  As we cope with her death, as our deeper thoughts come bubbling up to our surface and conscious; let us pay attention. 
Keep an open mind and watch for the small glories of every day life that can inspire us to be better people.
Aspire to Inspire.  Keep a small list of the ways in which you aspire to inspire others in your daily life.  Just do it.  Right now, jot down the first five things that come to mind in how you aspire to provoke change into your life and into the lives of others.  Do not over-analyze your list of aspirations! 

  • Start smiling – at everyone!  You will be surprised how many people you touch by using these two muscles!  Plus, it makes you feel good.  Sure, some people will think you are nuts and wonder what you are up to – but that’s part of the fun. 
  • Kill ‘em with kindness – it’s just as easy done, as it is said.  Taking the higher road in life situations is a message that everyone is inspired by.  When faced with adversity, when you handle it with kindness – the outcome is nearly always good.
  • Help a neighbor.  Once a month.  Or a friend.  Do not wait for them to ask for it.  Drop off a baked good.  Invite them for dinner.  Leave a vase of freshly picked flowers.  Mow their grass.  A sweet note reminding them how lucky YOU are for having them in your life.
  • Do something nice for a complete stranger.  Yes, you have heard the stories – buy the person behind you a cup of coffee.  Now do it.  Return a grocery cart for someone.  The possibilities are unlimited.
Inspire.  Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  We have the power within us – as evidenced by this one person before us.  In this breath after death, we realize how much ONE person inspired us all…namely by being who she was and by engaging in her kind ways.  Her legacy has been defined for her children, her husband and for all of us.  Let us follow in her footsteps and inspire on our own accord.  Consider this our lesson learned.

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