Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I wish I could suck in my upper arms like I can suck in my gut.

I wish that I could have that wish for my "upper knees" as well.

I wish that big hips equaled fuller breasts.

I wish I had a caramel apple.

I wish that french fries tasted like what I fear the green stuff in lobster tastes like.

I wish that I knew tomorrow would be OK.

I wish my parents lived closer.

I wish my neck would never change.

I wish I never heard the song "We Built This City on Rock and Roll".

I wish there was a real dinging sound that would go off when I made the right decision.

I wish pets didn't shed.

I wish I would just read more.

I wish the end of life could be easy and peaceful. More than just sometimes.

I wish bugs didn't want to come inside my house.

I wish babies could talk from birth and say "Thank you, Mom" at 3:45am.

I wish I had a mini fridge of cheese on wheels, and no one would think it strange.

I wish the mini fridge would come with a cheese melter attachment because...come on. Melted cheese.

I wish that hummingbird would come back and see me.

I wish we didn't have to lose hours of daylight just because the seasons change.

I wish that my niece lived next door so I could braid her hair often. She loves it; my girls do not.

I wish I could see the animal that makes the porpoise noise underneath my porch every day.

I wish chocolate was good for you. Wait.....win.

I wish I could drink and get brilliantly tipsy and then push an off button and be sober to go home.

I wish the contentment I feel right now will linger through the chaos of the week.

I wish sad things wouldn't happen, but know that they do have to happen so we know joy.

I wish everyone a moment of joy, at the very least, at some point today.

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