Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Will Tell You What I Want – A Curvy Opinionated Piece

I will tell you what I want, but first, let me harp on a couple of relevant things that I do not want:

I do not want to talk politics.  I do not.  Not unless we can go back to a certain era where politicians and the public alike voted on the issues; not based on which slandering, negative campaign they believed most.  I am an independent.  I vote based on the issues and subsequently, which person will be in alignment with my opinion of the issues.   In the larger scheme of things, this country is teeter-tottering and we need some change.  I do not want to talk about how rich the Romneys are; nor do I want to talk about how Michelle Obama humbly wore $245 J Crew shoes to the DNC (for the record, I have never purchased a pair of $245 shoes……..somehow, that wildly exceeds any budget I have ever set into place and does not stand with any relevancy to my political beliefs).  Can we get some national leaders that can stop the mud-flinging fest for one presidential election?  Can we get some politicians that have big enough er, um, yikes……… balls…………. to take a stance on an issue based on how he/she supports it versus what their party line may dictate as the “right” choice?  I hope to find, deep below the surface, some real intelligence on the status of this country and what the candidates will hopefully do to get us back on track.  I want to make the best choice for ME.

I do not want to talk about how horrible you think my city’s schools are.  I do not.  If you do not like the schools here, please move.  I promise to still love you, but I find it offensive when you repeatedly tear down the schools that my children attend.  My children have had their share of moments or inappropriate teachers; however, my children are also thriving.  Call me biased if you will, but my children are exceptionally bright, definitively well-rounded and just plain happy go-lucky kiddos.  Do I have my moments when I want more academic challenges for my beautiful creatures?  You bet.  Do I sometimes cringe with fear at some of the taboo topics they are being exposed to at awfully young ages (i.e. sex, drugs, racism, etc.)?  Oh…my…lord, yes!  However, it is my job as parent to teach them the coping tools for these life circumstances.  After all, in four short years my oldest will fly the coop for college – and if she’s been sheltered from all of these moments in real life at her <ack> city school, well, I think she might flounder.  Instead, I hope that she will have these experiences to look back upon; and she will know how to thrive even then, by making the best choices for HER.
I do not want to hear about how horrible your life is and how “done” you are for the millionth time over.  This is your life to live, so live it.  NO ONE has the right to make you feel anyway without your consent.  Having said that, perhaps, the only way you can feel better is for you to enact the change necessary to cope.  We cannot change others; so the only thing we can change is ourselves.  If someone is making you feel inferior, stay away from this person or speak up and tell this person.  If you are “done” and you’ve been “done” countless times before, perhaps it’s time for you to figure out how to move on for good.  How can you make a better choice in your life for YOU?

One of the grand joys in life is that our lives truly are all about choices.  We are blessed to live in a country that affords us so many choices, so many freedoms……we can bicker about politics; we can openly speak about this school, that school and everything in between.   I cannot change the on-going political crossfire; I cannot.  However, I can choose to educate myself and try to identify who the best candidate may be.  I cannot change the people who publicly cry that my city’s school system has become a total slum with incompetent teachers.  However, I can endorse my overall satisfaction with the district and share my positive experiences.  The negative experiences will be there, but I can learn how to cope with these times myself, as well as use them as educational tools for myself and my friends with kids in the same schools. 
Now I will tell you what I want:

v  I want to wake up and be thankful for all that I have; good days and bad days alike.

v   I want to hug and kiss my kids silly until they literally break free from my iron-clad grip. 

v  I want to tickle these same kids until they scream with near puke in their throats, pleading for mercy.

v  I want to sit back and drink wine (and beer) with my girlfriends while talking about this, that and the other – yes, I want totally inappropriate conversation (which usually follows the first glass of wine) that includes funny words for male genitalia, boobies and hilarious bodily noises.

v   I want awesome hair days and I want ponytail days. 

v  I want days that my underwear feels freaking fantastic (you know what I mean – no cut in panty lines from bloat from last night’s wine consumption).

v  I want to feel sexy and I know it, and yet, I want to parade around in my stretchy yoga-pants and no bra.

v  I want to cuddle with my husband and know that I mean the world to him (that I’m not just kept around for my superb child-rearing, reliable taxi service, and my Food Network chef-like abilities). 

v  I want to engage in political debate with my husband (because he’s mostly Republican and I’m mostly Democratic) and know that as much as we foam at the mouth with our arguments;  we will kiss and make up thereafter (don’t worry – we’ll clean up the foam first). 

v  I want to hike every Sunday now that my soccer schedule does not include Sundays – I want big mountains, little trails and everything else in between. 

v  I want veggies in the morning, veggies at lunch and veggies at night.  I also want ice cream (how late can I squeeze in Cherry Hill and Kimballs this year?).

These are some of my life choices….for now, in the current moment of life that I am in.  I would LOVE to hear about your choices……tell me what you want, what you really, really want…..(why do I suddenly feel like a Spice Girl?)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of some very important things, Rebecca. Great post. Ut came at a time that it is exactly what I needed to hear.