Thursday, July 19, 2012


Sometimes, we all need that time - you know, to reconnect....with your family, with yourself - namely with your soul.

Vacations can be a wonderful thing.  Vacations can be a diastrous thing.  Vacation is simply what you make it.

For me, the first whiff of that salty, ocean air.....and my shoulders start to slide down, back into their normal position.  The weight of the world that I tend to carry up near my slowly dissipates; it vaporizes almost instantly once we cross over that man made bridge into a special land - Cape Cod.

Something about being amongst the sandy dunes allows me to reconnect with my family.  The only hustle and bustle of these few days is making sure we get to the beach with enough water and snacks in tow to last at least six hours of non-stop fun.  We dodge crabs, we splash, we sun and we sunscreen until the empty tubes make funny fart sounds.

Nearly daily trips to the Sundae School for delicious ice cream has a way of coddling your inner emotional being.  A few bloody Mary's at "happy hour" cradles you into the evening hours.  Homemade dinners chock full of veggies, from our CSA at home, help surge vitamins through your veins.

Sitting on the beach allows me to reconnect with me.  Yes, me.  As I gaze over the blessed creatures known as my spawn; I am thankful for the joy they bring to me.  I take a few glazes over the vast ocean view and plan what goals and changes I need to make in the next twelve months.  Sure, sometimes they are the same goals that have gone unchanged from the year prior; but hey, that to-do list is an on-going work in progress.  I resolve to improve the less than stellar qualities of myself.  I resolve to be kinder to myself.

Somehow, every July, I come home from a jaunt at the beach feeling more alive, more refreshed, more awakened and more reconnected within my soul. 

Now, if I can only win the lottery so I can vacation more frequently!!! 

What does vacation do for you?

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